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The first episode of the Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi & Fantasy series The X Files (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11) was released in 1998-11-08 by Fox Broadcasting Company. The TV show was created by Chris Carter, Rob Bowman and directed by Kim Manners, Vince Gilligan. Actors in the cast include Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Mitch Pileggi, Cary Elwes, James Pickens Jr., Veronica Cartwright, Arthur Taxier, Scott Alan Smith. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 8.7/ 10. Series awards - Won 5 Golden Globes. Another 89 wins & 209 nominations..

Series info

When a terrorist bomb damages a structure in Dallas, Texas FBI representatives Fox Mulder as well as Dana Scully are attracted right into an unsafe conspiracy theory going beyond anything they have actually ever before come across. With the suspicious aid of a paranoid physician, Mulder as well as Scully risk their jobs as well as their lives to pursue a fatal infection which could be extraterrestrial in beginning– as well as can ruin all life in the world.

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air day: 1998-11-08

Mulder is much less compared to delighted when a Workplace of Expert Conduct board chooses not to reassign him as well as Scully to The X-Filesor even when he discovers that Representative Spender as well as Representative Fowley have actually become their followers. When Gibson Appreciation to them for aid, Mulder as well as Scully effort to proceed their pursuit covert regardless of having less buddies as well as much less accessibility as well as defense compared to in the past.



air day: 1998-11-15

Mulder is caught in an auto with a guy that has actually created a severe ear problem which could just be reduced by owning west at broadband. As Scully looks for the reason as well as a remedy for the trouble, Mulder as well as the male obtain closer as well as closer to the sea.



air day: 1998-11-22

Mulder mosts likely to the Bermuda Triangular when he discovers that the Queen Anne, a British cruise ship which vanished throughout WWII, has actually re-emerged in the center of the Sargasso Sea. Mulder’s watercraft is ravaged as well as after drifting in the water, he is transported aboard the ship which has actually simply been pirated by the Nazis looking for the male that will certainly construct the atom bomb.

Mulder attempts to persuade the staff that they have actually taken a trip right into the future, however proof more recommends that it is he that is back in the past.



air day: 1998-11-29

While being restrained near the famous “Dreamland” Location 51, an odd craft flies expenses as well as Mulder swaps bodies with a Location 51 “Man-in-Black”. While the various other representative has a good time in Mulder’s body, Mulder himself discovers it tough to match somebody else’s life, particularly a shadowy one. Mulder get in touches with Scully concerning the body swap as well as attempts to obtain her the trip information recorder from the UFO examination trip, however his modify vanity makes use of Mulder’s FBI identity to have him detained.


Dreamland II

air day: 1998-12-06

Mulder is tossed in prison at the Location 51 substance however is launched when it is uncovered that the trip information recorder he swiped was a counterfeit. Scully pertains to her detects as well as understands that the Mulder she sees isn’t really that he truly is as well as goings back to Nevada in order to help the actual Mulder. On the other hand, the device that triggered the body swap is swiftly breaking back, downfall every little thing in its wake, as well as Mulder as well as his modify vanity needs to race to place themselves back where they belong.


Just how the Ghosts Swipes Xmas

air day: 1998-12-13

Mulder talks Scully right into checking out a haunted home on Xmas Eve where a number of pairs have actually satisfied their destiny on that particular really evening. While there, they experience limitless techniques as well as catches established by a macabre pair that initially made a fans self-destruction deal in your house. The ghosts aim to persuade Mulder as well as Scully to eliminate each various other.


Regards to Endearment

air day: 1999-01-03

After a check of a pair’s coming youngster is located to have unusual developments extending from the head as well as back, the unborn child is drawn from inside the mom by a satanic force animal while she is asleep. Mulder visit examine after Representative Spender disregards the insurance claims, as well as uncovers that the dad is in fact a satanic force that wishes to have a typical youngster.


TheRainfall King

air day: 1999-01-10

Odd weather condition sensations in a town leads Mulder to think that a weatherman’s deep feelings as well as overlooked love towards his colleague are materializing through snow as well as hurricanes.


S.R. 819

air day: 1999-01-17

Mulder as well as Scully have 24 hrs to conserve A.D. from being eliminated by a naturally crafted condition. The condition seems developed by a shadowy federal government company, however in order to conserve ‘s life they need to establish that desires him dead as well as why. With ‘s problem worsening, Mulder looks for aid from Legislator Matheson, that he wishes could supply some solutions as well as assist him to locate a remedy.



air day: 1999-01-24

Aide Supervisor Kersh attempts to tear Scully as well as Mulder apart when he companions Scully with a New york city representative checking out Alfred Fellig, a freelance cops professional photographer that easily turns up to record the scene of a fatality as quickly as it takes place.

While the young hotshot representative is encouraged that Fellig is killing individuals, Scully has various other (paranormal) concepts.


2 Dads

air day: 1999-02-07

While the Cigarette-Smoking Male states to an undetected audience every little thing concerning the job of the Distribute entailing a worldwide conspiracy theory together with an unusual varieties, Cassandra Spender re-emerges as well as is sought by the researchers that prefer to eliminate her compared to maintain her active. Cassandra goes to Mulder’s home as well as needs that he fire her since she is the end result of 50 years job – a living alien/human crossbreed – as well as emigration will certainly start if the aliens learn about her.


One Boy

air day: 1999-02-14

TheCigarette-Smoking Male exposes all the federal government keys from the past 50 years in order for his child, Jeffery Spender, to join him in his job. Mulder discovers that the last of the conspiracy theory will certainly quickly start with the hybridization of the Distribute participants, as well as he needs to quit it from taking place. Representative Spender tricks his dad as well as schedules Mulder as well as Scully to be reassigned to the X-Files, which does not rest also well with the Cigarette-Smoking Male.


Agua Mala

air day: 1999-02-21

Arthur Dales summons Mulder as well as Scully to his vacation house in Florida where he is worried over the loss of his next-door neighbors. In spite of popular storm, Mulder as well as Scully go out to examine as well as uncover a number of unusual fatalities triggered by an octopus-like sea animal that swam in with the overruning drain system.



air day: 1999-02-28

A lady is required to experience again the very same day over as well as over as she attempts to protect against Mulder as well as Scully from being eliminated by her partner throughout a financial institution burglary effort. As the occasions reboot over and over, Mulder’s feeling of Deja-vu expands more powerful.



air day: 1999-03-07

On their very first main situation back on the X-Files, Mulder as well as Scully go covert as a couple at a respected scheduled area where a number of homeowners have actually just recently vanished after cannot follow the laws as well as guidelines.



air day: 1999-03-28

A mystical pet believed to be the last of an uncommon Oriental type is accountable for a number of murders which Mulder as well as Scully are checking out. Currently the representatives need to locate a method to quit the pet prior to it eliminates once again.



air day: 1999-04-11

After a twister holes with a jail camp, among the prisoners goes away from holding cell as well as the jail warden is eliminated. As Mulder as well as Scully track him, he shows up to have the power to travel through strong issue while transforming its make-up.



air day: 1999-04-18

An author living alongside Mulder comes to be consumed with Scully as well as admits to her that he is utilizing her for a personality in his book. Scully discovers herself oddly attracted to him although he is currently the prime suspect in the murder situation that she as well as Mulder are checking out.



air day: 1999-04-25

Mulder meets Representative Arthur Dales’ bro (additionally called Arthur) as well as is informed a story of a skilled baseball gamer from Roswell, New Mexico in the 1940’s that could have been an alien that fled from his nest due to his love for the video game.


3 of a Kind

air day: 1999-05-02

While on a surveillance of a Federal government Protection Convention in Las Las vega, The Lone Shooters are rejoined with Susanne Modeski, the mystical lady that vanished 10 years previously when they initially satisfied Representative Mulder.


School trip

air day: 1999-05-09

When the bodies of a pair that have actually been missing out on for much less compared to a week are uncovered to have actually been decreased to bone, Mulder recommends that current paranormal sensations in the location could have triggered the increased decay.



air day: 1999-05-16

2 researchers give concerning each of their steel things that were located in Africa as well as they think that the things are items of a problem which can be obvious evidence that human, plant, as well as animal life did not come from on this world. When among the researchers is eliminated as well as the things are taken, the representatives examine as well as Mulder starts to experience extreme neurological discomfort triggered by the things.

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