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The first episode of the Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi & Fantasy series Supernatural (season 1-10, 11, 12, 13) was released in 2008-09-18 by The WB Television Network. The TV show was created by Kim Manners, Lou Bollo and directed by Eric Kripke, Philip Sgriccia. Actors in the cast include Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Misha Collins, Misha Collins. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is 8.6/ 10. Series awards - Nominated for 3 Primetime Emmys. Another 18 wins & 65 nominations..

Series info

Resurrection. After sustaining offensive abuse, Dean runs away from Hell, saved by an all-powerful animal he’s never ever seen prior to an Angel a warrior of God that hires Sam and also Dean in paradise’s fight versus Hell. As well as there are murmurs that a specific dropped angel will certainly quickly be devoid of his jail deep in Hell: Lucifer. If Sam and also Dean cannot quit it if Lucifer strolls complimentary he’ll prompt the Apocalypse. The Winchester siblings rejoin and also strike the roadway, fighting the supernatural any place they go. They experience devils, spirits, Dracula himself as well as an intoxicated, greatly armed seven-foot-tall teddy bear. All the while, the supreme battle attracts them right into its scary. Caught in between Heaven and also Hell, in between God and also the Devil, the Winchester siblings need to fight for the future of mankind.

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Lazarus Rising

air day: 2008-09-18

Dean gets up in his very own casket. Exactly how did he return from the dead? Just what created the hand-shaped welt on his shoulder? As well as just what took place in the 4 months he invested in Hell, time he cannot keep in mind?


Are You There, God? It’s Me, Dean Winchester

air day: 2008-09-25

After Dean’s experience with Castiel, Dean, Sam and also Bobby review their scriptural tradition when they’re struck by the malevolent spirits of individuals from the Winchesters’ past. They’re advised it’s an indication that a person is aiming to damage seals which will certainly prompt the armageddon.


In the Beginning

air day: 2008-10-02

Back to the future, Castiel sends out Dean to 1973 Lawrence, Kansas, where he fulfills a good young pair called John and also Mary Winchester. Dean’s moms and dads. As well as Mary has a key.



air day: 2008-10-09

Dark powers. Dean is afraid Sam is utilizing his paranormal presents in problem with God’s strategy. As well as a common individual in a common community obtains a significant situation of the munchies. It begins with steak – and also relocates to human flesh.


Monster Movie

air day: 2008-10-16

In a black-and-white globe evocative traditional scary flicks, the siblings contend a vampire, a monster and also a mommy that are thinning the groups at a charming Oktoberfest.


Yellow Fever

air day: 2008-10-23

Heck bids once more when Dean comes down with a strange ailment that discourages its patients to fatality. Sam and also Dean rush to discover the reason for the illness in time to conserve Dean from certain fatality.


It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

air day: 2008-10-30

Munching sweet, bobbing for apples. Halloween is such enjoyable. Up until terrible fatalities represent one more seal is being damaged. To quit it, Castiel and also one more angel strategy a mass destruction of the community.


Wishful Thinking

air day: 2008-11-06

Intend to rack up a warm sweetheart, win the lotto game or have your favored teddy bear revived? Put a coin in a little community’s wanting well and also stand back. One issue: The dreams come to life with a spin.


I Know What You Did Last Summer

air day: 2008-11-13

Just what took place to Sam throughout the months Dean was dead? Throughout the look for a woman called Anna Milton, that has a strange link to angels, Sam exposes the impressive occasions of the summer season.


Heaven and also Hell

air day: 2008-11-20

” I’ll Kill her mild.” The angels desire Anna dead, so Sam and also Dean take place the keep up the scared woman, established to uncover the trick that has actually established the fierceness of Heaven on her.


Family Remains

air day: 2009-01-15

Father, Mom, 2 children and also a canine. An all-American family members does not stand a fat chance versus the savage pressure that transforms their brand-new home-sweet-home right into a haunted residence.


Criss Angel Is A Douchebag

air day: 2009-01-22

Aging illusionist The Incredible Jay executes the harmful Table of Death method and also arises untouched. Jay ripped off the Grim Reaper, however among his competitors really did not. He had a look at while Jay was doing his act.


After School Special

air day: 2009-01-29

Quick times at Truman High. Murder brings Sam and also Dean back to among their old senior high schools, where they explore feasible demonic property and also take a couple of journeys down memory lane.


Sex and also Violence

air day: 2009-02-05

In a village in Iowa, 3 caring partners eliminate their better halves. Ends up these people rely on spreading their love around: Each is investing lots of the family members earnings on pole dancers at a neighboring nudie bar.


Death Takes a Holiday

air day: 2009-03-12

Reaping machines relax from job, which indicates nobody could pass away. The companions to the following globe typically aren’t off obtaining some R&R, unless you call being held captive by a devil relaxed and also relaxing.


On the Head of a Pin

air day: 2009-03-19

Can abuse be God’s job? After 7 angels are strangely killed, Castiel and also Uriel need that Dean make use of the agony-inducing abilities he discovered in Hell to draw out details from Alastair.


It’s a Terrible Life

air day: 2009-03-26

At Sandover Bridge & & Iron Inc., Dean is Dean Smith, the buttoned-down supervisor of Sales & & Marketing. Sam is Sam Wesson, a cubicle-dwelling technology assistance individual. Just what the hell is taking place? Or is it just what the Hell?


The Monster at the End of this Book

air day: 2009-04-02

Acquainted story. Acquainted personalities. Sam and also Dean encounter a series of comics called “Supernatural” showcasing 2 demon-hunting siblings called Sam and also Dean.


Jump the Shark

air day: 2009-04-23

Fulfill the Winchester young boys: Dean, Sam and also … Adam. The Winchesters uncover they have a more youthful half-brother, whose mommy disappears equally as a long-dormant body snatcher restores his diabolical occupation.


The Rapture

air day: 2009-04-30

The body Castiel walks in isn’t really his. Rather, it comes from a normal individual called Jimmy that desires his body – and also his life – back. He obtains the body. The life could be a various tale.


When the Levee Breaks

air day: 2009-05-07

Dean and also Bobby have actually something frightening secured Bobby’s panic space: Sam, infected by satanic force blood. As the armageddon attracts nearer, Bobby desires to complimentary Sam to fight on their side.


Lucifer Rising

air day: 2009-05-14

The siblings prepare to eliminate the pressures of the armageddon in various camps. While Sam and also Ruby pursue Lilith, Dean signs up with Castiel and also Zachariah to tackle Lucifer.

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