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The first episode of the Reality series Big Brother UK (season 1-15, 16, 17, 18) was released in 2001-05-26 by Channel 4. The TV show was created by and directed by . Actors in the cast include Brian Dowling, Davina McCall. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

Series info

Big Brother 2001, also known as Big Brother 2, was the second series of the British reality television series Big Brother. It is based upon the Netherlands series of the same name, which gained notoriety in 1999 and 2000. The series premiered on Channel 4 on 25 May 2001 and lasted nine weeks until the live finale on 27 July 2001. The second series continued the success of the original, being a ratings success for the company. There was a total of 7.3 million votes in the final week. In terms of ratings, it matched the success of the first with a series average of 4.6 million viewers.

The premise of the series remained largely unchanged from the previous installment in the series. The series revolves around ten strangers living in a house together with no communication with the outside world. They are filmed constantly during their time in the house, and can have no communication with those filming them. Each week, each contestant, referred to as “housemates”, choose two people to be up for nomination. The two or more people with the most votes will be nominated to leave the house. The viewers then decide which of the nominees should leave, with the selected person leaving during a live show. This process continued until only three housemates remained, in which the viewers would decide which of the housemates would win the £70,000 grand prize. A housemate can be ejected from the show for breaking rules, such as discussing nominations when not permitted. Later in the season, an intruder entered the game, the first in Big Brother history, bringing the total number of housemates to 11. The series ended after 64 days, in which housemate Brian Dowling was crowned the Winner, and Helen Adams the Runner-Up.

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Episode Guide


Series 2, Episode 1: The New Arrivals

air date: 2001-05-26

10 new houseguests move in to the Big Brother house. We are introduced to Amma, Brian, Bubble, Paul, Helen, Narinder, Dean, Elisabeth, Penny and Stuart through a series of biography clips and we then see them enter the house, in small groups. During their first day together, Penny and Elisabeth compete for the mom role, Brian admits that he is gay and the houseguests get a surprise when they find a den in the backyard.

~A National Obsession Begins!~ Big Brother 2 launched a first for Big Brother UK history, Live Streaming! Although it had been launched for Big Brother 2000 via the Internet, Live Streaming was to prove a real hit when it began on the Channel 4 digital station E4. Viewers could even have an Interactive serive which would enable them to read news from the house, select a choice of 2 different live feeds and highlights and also to vote to evict a housemate.


Series 2, Episode 2

air date: 2001-05-28


Series 2, Episode 3

air date: 2001-05-29


Series 2, Episode 4

air date: 2001-05-30


Series 2, Episode 5

air date: 2001-05-31


Series 2, Episode 6

air date: 2001-06-01


Series 2, Episode 7

air date: 2001-06-04

In a special 1-hour episode, the houseguests nominate for the first time – live. Davina McCall speaks to friends and family of the houseguests and shows some clips from the last day in the house. The nominations are as follows: Amma – Paul and Penny Brian – Helen and Elisabeth Bubble – Paul and Penny Dean – Narinder and Penny Elisabeth – Penny and Helen Helen – Bubble and Narrinder Narinder – Helen and Bubble Paul – Amma and Helen Penny – Helen and Amma Stuart – Penny and Narrinder This means that Penny and Helen are the first two nominees for eviction, and now the public must vote. Meanwhile, Davina McCall reveals that the person to replace the first evictee will be…Josh.


Series 2, Episode 8

air date: 2001-06-05


Series 2, Episode 9

air date: 2001-06-06


Series 2, Episode 10

air date: 2001-06-07


Series 2, Episode 11

air date: 2001-06-08


Series 2, Episode 12: Penny Evicted

air date: 2001-06-08


Series 2, Episode 13: Josh Arrives

air date: 2001-06-11


Series 2, Episode 14

air date: 2001-06-12


Series 2, Episode 15

air date: 2001-06-13

The house is rocked when new arrival Josh enters the house, and Big Brother lets them in on a secret hot tub in the backyard. Meanwhile, Josh’s announcement that he is gay changes Brian’s attitude, Narrinder and Helen get in to a heated argument, the group is set a new weekly task: to memorise 15 facts about each other, Bubble opts for a bald head and Brian changes bedrooms and moves in with the girls,


Series 2, Episode 16

air date: 2001-06-14


Series 2, Episode 17

air date: 2001-06-15


Series 2, Episode 18: Stuart Evicted

air date: 2001-06-15


Series 2, Episode 19

air date: 2001-06-18

Live on Channel 4, Davina announced how the public had voted in the second week of Evictions. They had choosen Stuart to leave. He jumped up, punching the air in relief, he congratulated Paul and began to get ready for his depature in the two hours time.

When his Eviction finally came, he was very excited and happy to be leaving. The crowed were happy he was leaving too, they let him know aswell. He was booed out on stage until finally getting to the studio where the reception was positive. Like all the evicted housemates, he ran to meet his family. After, Davina dragged him away for yet another interview and more revelations. He talked about who he liked and who he didnt. He also discussed the infamous argument with Amma.


Series 2, Episode 20

air date: 2001-06-19


Series 2, Episode 21

air date: 2001-06-20


Series 2, Episode 22

air date: 2001-06-21


Series 2, Episode 23

air date: 2001-06-22


Series 2, Episode 24: Narinder Evicted

air date: 2001-06-22


Series 2, Episode 25

air date: 2001-06-25

Big Brother 2 is near the half-way point, and the evictions continue. Live on Channel 4, Narinder Kaur heard that she had been voted as the third evictee by the public. Paul was relieved and happy, as was Narinder.

Two hours later she made her exit from the house. Her housemates, the press and the crowd were all shouting and excited, Big Brother 2 was now in motion. She made her way through the supportive crowed to the studio where she was reunited with her husband and other friends and family. Not ever one to keep secrets on how she feels, Narinder gave a frank and revealing interview on her ex-housemates.


Series 2, Episode 26

air date: 2001-06-26


Series 2, Episode 27

air date: 2001-06-27


Series 2, Episode 28

air date: 2001-06-28


Series 2, Episode 29

air date: 2001-06-29


Series 2, Episode 30: Bubble Evicted

air date: 2001-06-29


Series 2, Episode 31

air date: 2001-07-02

He was one of the favourites to win in the first few weeks, but Bubble would be the fourth contestant to leave the house of Big Brother 2. The news of his eviction caused shock to all of the housemates, Paaul had been sure he would be going all week but the public had given him a reprieve yet again.

In the hours leading up to his departure he told everyone what he thought of them, most memorably telling Brian he was “”The Funniest man I have ever met””. He told Liz his worries about letting his daughter down by being evicted.

Then, at 11.00pm he took the walk of shame past the crowed & press alongside Davina. All three of them loved him. His interview was honest and he told the viewers who he wants to win, who will be out next and who he will stay in contact with.


Series 2, Episode 32

air date: 2001-07-03


Series 2, Episode 33

air date: 2001-07-04


Series 2, Episode 34

air date: 2001-07-05


Series 2, Episode 35

air date: 2001-07-06


Series 2, Episode 36: Amma Evicted

air date: 2001-07-06


Series 2, Episode 37

air date: 2001-07-09

Another week and another Eviction, this time around its Amma who the public decide to oust. As Davina broke the news the contestants were all holding hands sitting in the garden. Amma was dissapointed as was one of her biggest fans in the house, Elizabeth.

She spen the full two hours getting ready, with help from the other girls and when her time to leave arrived she was greeted by Davina and the press. She was ushered through the crowed into the studio where she gave an intriquing interview and told of who she likes, who she didnt and most importantly who she wants to win.


Series 2, Episode 38

air date: 2001-07-10


Series 2, Episode 39

air date: 2001-07-11


Episode 40

air date: 2001-07-10


Series 2, Episode 41

air date: 2001-07-13


Series 2, Episode 42: Josh Evicted

air date: 2001-07-13


Series 2, Episode 43

air date: 2001-07-16

Its Week 7 and Big Brother 2 takes another casualty. Its the housemate who the public voted IN to the house that they vote OUT, Josh.

In this Episode we take a look at the last few hours leading up to when josh is evicted. He takes the news well and says he had been expecting it. Helen remains her bubbly and excitable self when she hears she has at least another week in the house.

When his Eviction finally arrives, Josh is nervous and he has a right to be, he was evicted by a massive 86% of the vote and even the crowed outside are not impressed as he makes his way to the studio. In his Interview with Davina he talks candidly about his time in the house.


Series 2, Episode 44

air date: 2001-07-17


Series 2, Episode 45

air date: 2001-07-18


Series 2, Episode 46

air date: 2001-07-19


Series 2, Episode 47

air date: 2001-07-20


Series 2, Episode 48: Paul Evicted

air date: 2001-07-20


Series 2, Episode 49

air date: 2001-07-23

The final eviction before the live finale meant that even the most popular housemate could be evicted by thier once adoring public. Thsi theory was proven when Paul, the contestant who had dodged eviction so many times was voted OUT of the Big Brother house.

On this live show we saw the hours leading up to his eviction and then his interview in which he spoke candidly about his time in the house and the housemates who he spent it with. The public interest in his romance with fellow contestant Helen (who was saved from eviction when Paul was voted out)had reached an astonishing rate, and it was the first question on Davina’s lips once he had been lead past the adoring crowed and into the studio.


Series 2, Episode 50

air date: 2001-07-24


Series 2, Episode 51

air date: 2001-07-25


Series 2, Episode 52: Elizabeth Evicted

air date: 2001-07-26


Series 2, Episode 53: Countdown to the Finale

air date: 2001-07-27


Series 2, Episode 54: Big Brother 2 Finale

air date: 2001-07-27

The housemates had speculated about a suprise eviction all week and live on Channel 4, Davina proved them right by announcing that Elizabeth would be the eigth person to leave the Big Brother house.

After packing her bags she was on her way as quickly as she had heard the news. As she walked out of the house and past the crowed we awaited her full interview in the next live Big Brother show of the evening.


Episode 55

air date: 2001-07-26


Episode 56: Finale Part 1

air date: 2001-07-27


Episode 57: Finale Part 2

air date: 2001-07-27