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The first episode of the Comedy series Baby Daddy (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) was released in 2014-10-22 by ABC Family. The TV show was created by Frank Pines, Michael Lembeck and directed by Michael Lembeck. Actors in the cast include Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Tahj Mowry, Derek Theler, Chelsea Kane, Melissa Peterman, Kara Crane, Sura Harris. The avarenge rating on IMDB: is / 10. Series awards - .

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Strip or Treat

air date: 2014-10-22

Ben, Danny and Tucker end up in jail when their plans to attend a big Halloween party go awry.


It’s a Wonderful Emma

air date: 2014-12-10

A grumpy Ben wishes there was no such thing as Christmas, then is shocked when the fulfillment of his desire not only erases the holiday, but Emma’s existence as well.


She Loves Me, She Loves Me Note

air date: 2015-01-14

Danny prepares to join Georgie in Paris; Ben suspects that Riley may have feelings for his brother; Bonnie begins selling Danny’s hockey memorabilia.


I See Crazy People

air date: 2015-01-21

Danny turns to Bonnie’s ex Brad for help, as he doesn’t want the gang to know what happened with Paris and Georgia.


Mugging for the Camera

air date: 2015-01-28

Tucker enlists Ben and Riley to appear on Mary Hart’s program and reveal how they foiled an attempted mugging; Bonnie hopes to get rich by using Emma in a series of Internet videos.


Over My Dead Bonnie

air date: 2015-02-04

Danny receives a cameo role on “General Hospital” and nervously prepares for his scene with actress Kelly Monaco; Tucker and Ben stage a funeral for Bonnie.


The Mother of All Dates

air date: 2015-02-11

Ben and Danny gamble on their mom’s love life.


House of Cards

air date: 2015-02-18

Ben panics when he forgets his mother’s birthday; Danny learns surprising news that overshadows Bonnie’s party; Emma is injured while in Riley and Tucker’s care.


An Officer and a Gentle Ben

air date: 2015-02-25

The navy are in town so Ben and Tucker pretend to sailors in order to score with the ladies.


Happy Birthday Two You

air date: 2015-03-04

Danny stumbles upon a family secret while planning a birthday bash for Bonnie with Ben, Riley and Tucker.


You Give Real Estate a Bad Name

air date: 2015-03-11

Bonnie and her old boyfriend Brad are in competion for a huge listing so she decides to seduce him in order to beat him.


A Love/Fate Relationship

air date: 2015-03-18

Riley knows she has to tell Danny she has feelings for him before his relationship with Robyn gets any more serious.


Home is Where the Wheeler Is

air date: 2015-06-03

After making a mess of her confession to Danny, Riley retreats to her parents’ house to hide.


It Takes a Village Idiot

air date: 2015-06-10

Emma’s babysitters feel unappreciated, so they go on strike, forcing Ben to bring Emma along on his dates and shifts at work. Meanwhile, Danny and Bonnie enroll in a cooking class with her favorite chef; and Tucker tells Riley to invent a fake boyfriend.


One Night Stand-Off

air date: 2015-06-17

Ben and Riley make a bet concerning strangers in a bar and it leads to trouble at work for both of them: Riley sleeps with a stranger who becomes her new boss, and Ben sleeps with the wife of the man who’s trying to purchase the bar where he works.


Lowering The Bars

air date: 2015-06-24

Tucker hires Riley to represent him in a lawsuit against a construction company, but his hazy memory makes the case challenging for her. Meanwhile, Bonnie predicts her sons will fail as bar owners, and she attempts to hasten the demise of their business.


Wheeler War

air date: 2015-07-01

Ben corrupts Ross by spending too much time with him, which infuriates Riley and leads her to declare a war in which Ross—unbeknownst to him—is the prize. Meanwhile, Bonnie wants to join the guys’ poker game.


Parental Guidance

air date: 2015-07-08

Ben attempts to work out who should receive custody of Emma in the event of anything bad happening to him.


Ring Around the Party

air date: 2015-07-15

Riley hosts a cocktail party in order to meet Ross’ friends, and Ross tells Ben not to attend. Meanwhile, Danny tries to figure out his new girlfriend’s last name; and Tucker starts divulging secrets after he has too much to drink.


Till Dress Do Us Part

air date: 2015-07-22

The gang reflect on their past entanglements, forgetting to safeguard a cherished item of Bonnie’s in the process.


What Happens in Vegas

air date: 2015-07-29

The gang head to Las Vegas, where Tucker’s hidden hobby is exposed.


It’s a Nice Day for a Wheeler Wedding

air date: 2015-08-05

In the Season 4 finale, Bonnie’s wedding planner quits as her big day draws near, so her best buddy, Charlotte, volunteers to help, but Charlotte has an ulterior motive. Meanwhile, Ben decides to let Danny and Riley have a shot at romantic happiness.

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